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Rush Order Websites

Jon Rizzo recently released an excellent music EP and asked MeySite to build a single webpage on a rushed time frame – less than a week. MeySite joyfully accepted the request and immediately began working alongside Jon to create both a modern and slick design with catchy action items to lead visitors to areas where he wanted them. His website was created in less than 7 days. MeySite can build rush order websites.

Rush Order Websites and Features

Jon Rizzo’s site is equipped with a Google Analytic’s tracking code, which empowers him to see how popular his website is and enables him to see how long people remain interacting on it. He also requested a media player as an option for people to play one of his songs. Lastly, MeySite connected his webpage with iTunes for visitors to sample his EP; they are also given the chance to buy it via their secure network.

Rush Order Websites | Do you need a website?

MeySite can build websites under a strict time frame such as the one we build Jon Rizzo. Our typical packages take around 30 days to complete but, when needed, we are capable of meeting deadlines much sooner. MeySite can build rush order websites.

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Whether you need a standard website, a rush order website, or a single page, MeySite Custom Websites can help!