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Alongside of developing websites, I also write extensively on Jewish religion and history. I needed a website platform that could be flexible, intuitive, and easy to manage without trading these features for power and functionality. After researching several options, I gladly decided to use’s self-hosting platform. I use it for my personal projects as well for websites developed through MeySite. I have spoken with other website developers and some of them have switched from using other platforms to using WordPress for some of the very reasons that I mentioned earlier. What is -perhaps- the best aspect of all is WordPress is absolutely free to use. MeySite uses WordPress.

WordPress Websites & Functionality

I am studying to be an historian which requires writing. Since plagiarism is a real threat, I needed to be able to share my research without the fear of being copied without being properly acknowledged. I was able to secure my website by enabling an ‘anti-copying’ function to ensure nobody could steal my study. In the event someone wanted to quote my work, they can use my convenient to use contact form instead. MeySite uses WordPress.

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One note of celebration which I am always excited to share with clients is as follows: by using WordPress, the client is able to add content to their website after it goes live. While training is highly recommended, the factor remains that you -the client- are free to explore the dashboard and expand your Internet presence by posting blogs and even pages. MeySite uses WordPress.

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