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Website for Ministry

MeySite had the absolute pleasure to work with Graeme and Sabrina Walsh to create a website that could function as a personal connect point with friends, support a real-time store & resource center, spread their message of healing via embedded videos and a comprehensive and interactive blog. MeySite can build websites for ministers.

Website for Ministry & Functionality

What is more exciting then seeing people changed and transformed from the power of mercy and forgiveness? People share testimonies and these are create impact. A church or minister would be served by having a collection of these available for people to view at anytime; thankfully, MeySite is able to easily integrate this element of social media directly into your website. Visitors can interact with them with ease without having to leave your site. MeySite can build websites for ministers.

Website for Ministry | Do you need a website?

If you are a minister, a pastor, or a local church leader who wants presence on the Internet, MeySite is able to work alongside you to bring your desires to life. Have church merchandise? We are able to place it online for it to be sold. Have teaching series? We can work with you to create monthly specials to see more people impacted by your message. MeySite can build websites for ministers.

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Whether you need a standard website, a rush order website, or a single page, MeySite Custom Websites can help!