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Web Design

Web design and development are core values here at MeySite. We were able to work alongside a family whose vision was knit to impacting children. They wanted both a place for friends and family to read monthly updates regarding their involvement in social services in addition to a location where they could equip visitors with resources they saw were helpful. We enjoyed hearing the heart behind this family and worked to deliver a solution which fit their needs and budget. As this family were volunteers with a sacrificial budget, we wanted to honor their investment into the next generation and create a fully functional website at an incredibly affordable price. Web design is important to MeySite.

Web Design & Functionality

In the design phase, we sat down with the family and showed them the extent of customization available through our particular work flow. We were able to find and locate which feel, look and color which would suit their needs best. The vast amount of colors and patterns enabled them to find a design solution which met their needs. Web design is important to MeySite.

Web Design | Do you need a website?

Need a website designed? Are you in need of a developer? We take our roles seriously and work alongside each customer to create a website for their unique situation and needs. If you are looking for a website developer, look no further. Web design is important to MeySite.

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