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Affordable Websites

Affordable websites should be the normal experience of business owners, pastors and bloggers alike. However, many are unfortunately trapped into paying far more than they should for a great looking and highly functional website. On this project, MeySite was able to help a non-profit whose goal is to educate the population on healthy eating and friendly living. Due to their affiliation with an non-profit organization, they qualified for having their bill cut in half! It was a pleasure working alongside the visionaries behind this grass roots movement and we hope to see their efforts multiplied through their great website. MeySite offers affordable websites.

Affordable Websites and Features

The company we worked with had a particular time frame in mind which were outside of typical agreements. We were able to work alongside their unique needs, and accomplish their vision within their set parameters and budget. This enabled them to think through what they wanted to be visible on their website for their audience to interact with. Additionally, they stored images on an off-site host and desired that they could be seen on the website. We were able to sync our page to the off-site host to enable this to occur. MeySite offers affordable websites.

Affordable Websites | Do you need a website?

MeySite is renown for our affordable pricing options and fiscal flexibility. We work around your needs and budget, and enable your financial situation to serve you best. Even if your budget is $500 or as high as $5,000, MeySite will empower your budget to do all that it is intended for: creating the perfect website solution for you.

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